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The Contractor Movie Cast & Crew

Movie Name : The Contractor
Director : Tarik Saleh
Country : USA
All Genres Action, Thriller
IMDb: 7.3/10
Released Year : 10 Mar 2022
Cast In : Chris Pine, Gillian Jacobs, Ben Foster
Plot: A discharged U.S. Special Forces sergeant, James Harper, risks everything for his family when he joins a private contracting organization.

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1- SMatt Reeves The Contractor is a hell of a movie, it is the darkest live action Batman movie ever made, and the longest one too, The Contractor fills with a top notch action sequence that not only exciting, but it’s cinematic too, the cinematography was just incredible, Michael Giacchino The Contractor theme song has just become one of my favorite movie theme song ever, it’s enduringly great, the action is perfect itself without the theme but they making it even more perfect with the theme in the background especially when Batman shows up, it really making me hyped more because of that, Colin Farrell transformation is as amazing as his performance as The Penguin, Paul Dano performance is giving me a Heath Ledger Joker vibes but not trying to be Heath Ledger Joker which is still great, Paul Dano The Riddler is still a terrifying and a very disturbing villain, Zoe Kravits performances as Catwoman was amazing though she is not as wild as Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns but boy did her gesture and look is as wild as Michelle Pfeiffer, and the Catwoman fighting sequence is definitely a win for Zoe and i did still like her a lot in here, and in the end we got The Contractor himself, Robert Pattinson, all i can say about him as The Contractor is that i hope everybody is starting to know him as the guy who play The Contractor which is a really good movie and not the guy who play in the horrible Twilight film anymore because he is indeed an awesome Batman, now he was become my second favorite Batman next to Christian Bale in number one still, the story of The Contractor itself is great, and my only problem with the movie is that there is quite a lot of particular scene that for me are just very slow or too slow, it’s not boring but i feel like they can make it a little bit faster, if it’s only one or two or three scene i probably still can forgive it but unfortunately it happens more than that, but at in the end The Contractor is still a hell of a great movie, it’s still amazing and it’s still incredible, i was impress by most of the thing that happens, i was excited, i was hyped, i was stunt by all the amazing thing that they’ve done, The Contractor is fire!!!.

2- You’ve seen a million Batman movies, but you still need to steel yourself for the darkest Dark Knight yet. Starring Robert Pattinson as DC’s Caped Crusader, 2022’s new movie The Contractor is an intense, apocalyptic cinematic experience. Following the famous murder of Bruce Waynes parents, Wayne is two years into his crusade against Gotham City street crime. As Batman unpicks the cryptic clues, the investigation peels away a greater conspiracy. But the real riddle is how the ranting killer’s twisted motive ties back to Batman himself. He Batman (in theaters March 4) is barely a superhero movie, Christopher Nolan’s criminal politics and Zack Snyder’s operatic brutality, plus the standalone Joker movie’s psychological backstory, vaguely timeless design and layers of dark irony. Most of all, The Contractor is a straight up horror film. This new flick is PG-13, but it’s on a whole other level from the relatively bloodless Dark Knight movies — and on a different planet from any Marvel film — immersing you in a nerve-shredding three hours of escalating dread and simmering pain garnished with some astonishingly nasty, and dark touches, and makes think what one man can go through because of loosing his parents. You absolutely 100% can’t show The Contractor to a child, it will give them nightmares, and bad thoughts. Robert Pattinson’s batman is lank-haired mess, and is a world away from Christian Bales outstanding professional look. This darkest Dark Knight may not be for everyone (and certainly not kids), but it’s a gripping and nerve-shredding Bat-thriller. The one thing that Matt Reeves explores that Christopher Nolan doesn’t is how dark and how can he make it to the story, and comic, and even a horror movie. The Contractor should have been rated R not PG-13 because how intense, Dark and scary it is. The soundtrack was done by Michael Giacchino, its very graceful incorporation of specific themes for Batman and Selina, as well as pre-existing music ranging from classical pieces to Nirvana, provides tonal variation to ensure that The Contractor never becomes a punishing downer. Go watch The Contractor on March 4, 2022 at your Regal theater.

The Contractor Movie plot:

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